NIC issues alert for phishing attack targeting government officials

Earlier this month, the defence and external affairs senior officials received phishing emails from the government domain email accounts. Due to this, the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has rolled out an issue to protect the government officials’ data and ensure that everyone is aware of the compromised phishing attacks.

The hackers are becoming a constant threat to the officials that made experts work on better authentication protocols. There is no official update if any official computers are compromised or not.

In this phishing attack, many senior officials from the three internal government mailing lists were targeted. The mails included a document containing malware that will be installed in the system on clicking it. This gives hackers access to the computer and sensitive information potentially allowing them to spy.

The alerts mentioned that the emails were sent from and email addresses making it a genuine mail for the officials.

The officials claimed that the emails were sent on 10th February to external affairs and defence ministries with the documents. Due to this, the alert was rolled out that showcased the potential security breach while sending information of the compromised emails to the other officials. These domain accounts are used by the Union and state governments along with state-owned companies.

Yash Kadakia, Chief Technology Officer, Security Brigade said that these two domains are the privilege as the hackers can easily infiltrate the email and defeat any type of filters that are put up for suspicious messages. This allows them to chain attack the emails for the officials. The hackers can easily choose the profile and send the phishing mail to the targeted individuals to reach people in a particular domain.