OTP managers for Google, Twitter, WhatsApp spying on you: Report

Mitto AG, a Swiss company that has been managing OTP services for tech giants like Google, WhatsApp, Twitter and Telegram is being accused of running spying business globally.

A recent report by London based Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) says “The company has been selling access to Mitto’s networks to secretly locate people via their mobile phones”. Information has been revealed by whistleblowers revealed that the company was helping government agencies in running surveillance camps.

The company has refrained from accepting this report. “We are shocked by the assertions against Ilja Gorelik and our company. To be clear, Mitto does not, has not, and will not organise and operate a separate business, division, or entity that provides surveillance companies access to telecom infrastructure to secretly locate people via their mobile phones, or other illegal acts. Mitto also does not condone, support, and enable the exploitation of telecom networks with whom the company partners to deliver service to its global customers”, Mitto AG said in a statement.

Technology companies such as Google, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram uses SMS based services for user verification, password retrievals and security checks. Hosting infrastructure for a global user base is a costly operation for technology companies and aggregators like Mitto AG provide the solution at a much lower cost.