Over 1000 Googlers sign petition demanding reduction in carbon emission

Google recently has been in news for employee backlash. The latest incident suggests that Googlers are demanding the company to reduce its carbon emissions footprint. Over 1000 employees have signed a public letter demanding to eliminate the carbon footprint by 2030.

In a letter addressed to Google’s CFO Ruth Porat, Googlers have expressed their agitation for change at Google. The employees are concerned about how their work is leading to climate change. The letter asks Google to terminate existing contracts with fossil fuel companies and stop funding projects for government think tanks, lobbyists, and politicians. Google workers have doubled their demands that were first made in September.

Tech employees from Google, Microsoft, Amazon had joined the Global Climate Strike in September. The strike demanded tech companies to cease collaboration with any company that harms people that are affected by the climate change. Techies do not want to be part of incarceration, surveillance, displacement, or oppression of any community that is affected by the climate change.

The letter wrote to Google CFO reads,
“We, the undersigned Google workers, in accordance with the gravity and urgency of the global climate crisis and its disproportionate harm to marginalized people, call on Google to commit to and release a company-wide climate plan. We’re energized by the accelerating movement of tech workers demanding that the tech industry take responsibility to correct its role in the climate crisis.”

The demands of Google employees are as follows:

  • Zero emissions by 2030.
  • End contracts that help extraction of fossil fuels.
  • Stop funding for think tanks, politicians, and lobbyists denying or delaying climate change.
  • Stop collaborating with entities that allow surveillance, displacement, incarceration, or oppression of refugees or frontline communities.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has already confirmed that the company wants to work towards eliminating the carbon footprint. Pichai had said that reaching zero emission by 2030 is a target for the company as well.