PhotoSquared App leaked users sensitive information and photos

Breach of users’ privacy has been very common in recent times with photo-editing applications. One such event has taken place once again exposing sensitive personal data of thousands of users. The popular photo-editing app, PhotoSquared is the culprit this time with leaked photos and sensitive information of its users. If you are a consumer of PhotoSquared services, make sure your personal information is secure.

A pair of researchers from vpnMentor has revealed that they have found an exposed database online along with an unprotected S3 bucket of photo files. The data is leaked via an unsecured server used by PhotoSquared. The leaked data included sensitive information such as users’ photos uploaded for editing, PDF order records and receipts with full customer information, like name, delivery address, and order value, and USPS shipping labels for the delivery of edited image tiles.

The company, however, shows a lack of responsibility for the incident. It took them 10 days to address the issue and hide the exposed content from internet. Also, they seem to have no plans to inform its users about the breach, neither through the website nor the social media accounts or emails.