Pre-order Elon Musk-backed Starlink broadband for Rs 7000 in India

Users are now free to pre-order Starlink broadband in India at Rs 7000. The broadband is backed up by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX which is now available for pre-ordering on a first-come and first-serve basis.

Elon Musk was working on the satellite-based internet service for a long time and finally, a piece of good news has come up for the users that can easily order broadband now at an affordable price. According to Starlink’s website, broadband will cover some areas with limited availability.

The pre-ordering will be done and fulfilled by the company based on first come and first serve. The users can easily start pre-ordering by entering essential information like first and last name, email, and phone number followed by the card details to make the payment of Rs 7000 in India.

The service of the broadband will be available as per the regulatory approvals. There might be users that won’t get the services at all.

As per the reports from other countries, the price of pre-ordering is $499 in Australia, the USA, and Mexico that includes the elements like cables, power supply, wifi router, and mounting Tripod along with Starlink.

The motive is to keep the personal information of users safe and away from any unauthorised access, misuse, loss, destruction, alteration, or disclosure.