PUBG Mobile updated to version 0.15.0; here’s all you need to know

PUBG mobile game has made an exciting announcement for its users. The game has issued the long-awaited version update, i.e., 0.15.0. The new update brings ‘Survive Till Dawn’, improved Payload mode, weapons, vehicles and a range of other features. The update has already been started rolling out to global users. Here’s what’s new in the latest version.

Payload Mode

The latest version adds a new Payload mode. This game mode allows players to fly helicopters. The new feature allows users to battle with enemies on the land as well as air. Payload mode adds heavy fire weapons such as RPG-7 rocket launcher, M79 grenade launcher, M3E1 missile, M134 machine gun, and MGL grenade launcher. Picking up the ID cards of team mates will allow players to revive their team mates. The mode enables an airstrike method to quickly target multiple enemies and use vehicle repair kit.

New Weapon

The update also introduces a new weapon called the Desert Eagle. The weapon has highest bullet speed and damage rate as compared to any other pistols available in PUBG Mobile. The pistols will suffer from strong recoil. The Desert Eagle can be quipped with holographic sights, laser sights, red dot sights and several other magazines to improve the accuracy.

New skins and items

PUBG Mobile players now get new glasses, grenade skin, and skydiving gliding props. The game has also introduced the spray function which allows players to carry 4 kids of sprays. Other notable additions in the update include the ability to ledge grab and climb between containers and buildings. The users who update their app before October 22nd will get Fairy Set for 3 days, Sliver Fragment, and 2,888 BP.