QNu Labs launches 2 quantum products for data security and privacy in India

QNu Labs is India’s first company to offer commercial Quantum-Safe Security Products. The company has launched two security products in the country to address the increasing issues around data security and privacy.

QNu Labs recently launched the Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) called Tropos and Quantum Key Distribution System (QKD) called Armos. These products are ready to deploy in Indian as well as international market. QNu Labs wants to address the issues around data security and privacy. The company has also developed a unique technology that enables a pair of quantum-safe cryptographic keys between two remote parties.

The Bengaluru-based company said, “Our quantum-safe security products ‘Troops’ and ‘Armos’ are deployment-ready in India and overseas for data security and privacy, which are a concern for enterprises the world over. As a pioneer in quantum technology, we are focused on building the eco-system with our quantum random number generator (Troops) and quantum key distribution system (Armos) products, by crafting industry thought leadership and partnering with the government.”

The company’s unique technology enables a pair of quantum-safe cryptographic keys between two parties. This happens by exchanging encoded quantum bits (qubits), which are unhackable. QNu Labs has also developed critical subcomponents such as Single photon detectors, time to digital convertors, and clock synchronisation modules. These components can also be used for the realisation of Quantum-Safe Security products and solutions.

QNu Labs’s co-founder and chairman, Srinivasa Rao Aluri said, “We are proud to have achieved the vision of an Indian deep tech company with full indigenized Quantum-Safe Security products which can be deployed globally. Lot of people told us that India can’t build deep tech products in India and discouraged us from spending our own money in this venture. But our belief, concept and vision of “New India” that will be a technology leader in deep tech made us work relentlessly towards our mission. Eventually, we were able to make the first Quantum Key Distribution Product right here in Bangalore.”

The ‘Made in India’ innovation is welcomed by the industry. The company is the first player in the country to build one-of-its-kind products. As a unique offering, the company has also built a training and experimentation platform called ‘Questio’, which allows institutes to build skills and train students in the quantum space.