Ransomware attacks targeting crypto investors via fake apps: Report

Attacks such as ransomware are making use of cryptocurrency. In the last 18 months, ransomware attacks accounted for 79% of all global cybersecurity breaches. These attacks target crypto investors through fake app login screens.

  • The malware dupes users with fake bank and cryptocurrency app login screens to steal the user’s passwords for those services.

  • They also steal data like the contact list, which it then uses to spam the victim’s friends and associates with messages that can lead to additional Flubot infections.
  • The malware also spreads via SMS. It pretends to be popular shipment tracking services like DHL, FedEx and UPS. They add a fake ‘shipment tracking link’, and when the victim clicks on this URL link, malware immediately finds its way in the devices.

  • Automated botnet attacks like Mirai have also rose over the years, becoming the vehicle of choice to deliver crypto-mining malware. These bits of code infect various corporate assets such as servers and IoT devices, cyber-criminals can use the collective processing power of hundreds – or thousands – of machines to mine cryptocurrency and spread it to further devices.