Researcher develops anti-forensic tool for data wiping on Android phones

Hackers are becoming more tech-savvy in their attempts to dodge law enforcement and many countries are now relying on digital forensic technology to collect evidence during criminal investigations. These tools are developed by leading security companies for use on devices such as phone, computer, etc., belonging to the suspects.

An app has been developed by a security researcher called LockUp that wipes clean an Android phone as soon as a forensic tool is identified. Developed by Matt Bergin, the new app was first launched at the recent Black Hat Asia conference.

The app has been described as “an Android-based Cellebrite UFED self-defence application.” By installing this app users will be able to safeguard their device from forensic tools, used by law enforcement agencies across the globe.

The app primarily monitors the device for possible attempts to “image” it. Imaging is basically a technique used to access the storage of a sourced device to build a copy for legal purposes.

If the app detects any discrepancy, it reacts immediately by performing a factory reset leveraging the Device Admin control permission. The app works seamlessly on devices powered by the Android 9 and above versions.