Researchers hack Apple Air Tags Bluetooth trackers with NFC URL

Apple’s most popular accessories AirTags are not as secure as one might assume. The security researchers were able to hack into the AirTags microcontrollers and give instructions to perform specific tasks. Apple was boasting about the security of the device but AirTags have gone against the stringent policies.

Stack Smashing security researchers were able to break the microcontrollers easily and reflash the AirTags. They altered the programming and gave new instructions to the functioning of Apple AirTags.

The modified NFC URL was used to hack into Apple AirTags that shows the custom URL when the iPhone scans it instead of the link. It sends malicious links to customers using such methods. Nevertheless, AirTags works with the ‘Find My’ service that is more secure and fixes the server-side update. However, researchers also did deep research on the working of AirTag before hacking it.

The fact is that AirTags are hackable, irrespective of how difficult they can be.

Apart from this, it is reported that AirTags has several other flaws that are pointed out at certain times since its release.