643 millionaires work at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has been in crisis mode for years. But more than 600 employees of the money house still earn splendidly, no bank in Europe affords more income millionaires.

The sun is shining over the headquarters of Deutsche Bank

Ka bank in Europe employs as many millionaires as Deutsche Bank. This is the conclusion of the French business newspaper “Les Echos”, which compared the salary structures of major European financial houses. In the past year, the Deutsche Bank worked 643 employees who earned at least 1 million euros gross.

That was almost 9 percent less than last year, but significantly more than when the British bank Barclays placed it second. In 2018, only 542 employees worked there with a salary of one million. The British-Asian bank HSBC ranks third.

The Deutsche Bank confirmed the evaluation of the business newspaper, which is based on publications in the annual reports. “We are a global bank. We have to remain attractive to the big American investment banks, for example, ”said a spokeswoman for the bank.

For the French banks, however, the information in the study is not complete. They do not mention the asset management staff in their annual reports. However, this should not change anything at the top position of Deutsche Bank. Because the majority of bankers with top salaries usually work in investment banking, which is particularly pronounced at Deutsche Bank – and therefore expensive. 17 banks are listed in the study. Commerzbank ranks last with 12 “millionaires” for the 2017 financial year.