And socialism beckons forever

More than two dozen socialist regimes have already failed. How can it be that such an unsuccessful ideology still has many adherents?

June 17, 1953: Demonstrators throw stones at Russian tanks in Berlin.

VEarlier week the Left Party announced a memorable message on the anniversary of the popular uprising in the GDR: “Socialism can only be democratic.” On June 17, 1953, “there were mass strikes and mass demonstrations in the GDR to protest against wage depressions and disproportionate pressure to perform” she tweeted, plus a picture of a tank in a crowd. It almost gave the impression that the GDR workers had not demonstrated against, but for “real” socialism.

The German-British economist Kristian Niemietz, who works in London at the Institute of Economic Affairs, has compiled an almost overwhelming wealth of quotes from intellectuals who sympathized with socialist regimes and, when their failure became apparent, in his book “Sozialismus”, which is well worth reading Looking for excuses. The book has just been published in German. The most popular excuse: That wasn’t real socialism. You can hear it like that in Germany too. “There has never been ‘real’ socialism yet,” tweeted SPD leader Saskia Esken in 2019. The statement by American linguist Noam Chomsky was even stronger: “There was not a whiff of socialism in the Soviet Union. […] It had nothing to do with socialism. “