It can not go on like this!

One trillion euros in investments, taxing digital corporations more heavily and no longer misusing public services as a milking cow for the profits of speculators: German economic policy must change. A guest post.

Cansel Kiziltepe is one of the five SPD MPs who advocate a new economic policy.

Et is time for a new economic and financial policy. Because increasing social contradictions are undermining confidence in our parliamentary democracy: The state is reducing debts, while roads, schools and health care are in an increasingly poor condition and broadband expansion is stalling. Despite increasingly environmentally friendly technologies, we are emitting too much CO2 and using more raw materials than ever before. And we are one of the strongest economies, but social inequality is increasing.

Our society has to face these contradictions. One thing is certain for us: the neoliberal model has failed. We therefore want a new form of economy that creates more security and participation, enables a greater variety of forms of property and frees services of general interest from the logic of the market. This is achieved through courageous investments in the future and tax reforms. In this way we want to democratize our economy and society and make our state more capable of acting.

For this we need first again a reliable and strong state that creates freedom through social security. Citizens should therefore not only be able to live without fear of crime, but should also be protected from social and economic risks to life. Because security is also the freedom to age without fear of social decline; it is the freedom to know that even in the event of illness there is no risk of financial ruin; the freedom to be able to stay in one’s familiar environment or to begin a new phase of life in another; and the freedom to have local access to free, good education.

Because for us one thing is certain: social security and economic upswing are mutually dependent. And only those who can leave their everyday fears behind can get involved in our society with all their might.

Investing in the future together

Secondly we want to expand the co-determination rights of employees in all companies and promote other forms of ownership beyond private property. On the one hand, our democracy must not end at the gates of the factories and administrations; on the other hand, the state should actively support when new methods of successful economic activity are tried out and practiced. This idea of ​​an economy based on solidarity combines alternative models such as cooperatives, file sharing networks or open source programs. As such, they rely on self-government, cooperation, community orientation and democracy.

Third Services of general interest may no longer be misused as a milking cow for the profits of speculators. This applies to the supply of roads and rails, water, electricity and the Internet, health care close to home and the housing market. Therefore, the return should be capped where services of general interest are organized in the private sector.

In this way, returns remain possible, but at the same time sustainable investments are made easier. In social welfare associations and the state should become and be the only and best providers. Because we want to protect the weakest in our society from competition, and that is why public services must not be judged from a purely economic point of view.