Jeff Bezos’ dubious legacy

A new era begins at the internet giant Amazon. The founder leaves the group at the height of the success. There are plenty of critical looks from the outside.

Darkened glasses, aisle and a direct view of the future: Jeff Bezos in 2017

VA few weeks ago a petition started on the online platform with the title: “Don’t let Jeff Bezos return to earth.” That came shortly after the founder and long-time CEO of online retailer announced that he wanted to go to Fly into space on July 20th. He wants to be part of the first manned flight of the space company Blue Origin, which he founded alongside Amazon. “I’ve dreamed of going into space since I was five years old,” said Bezos. The petition now has almost 150,000 signatures. Its initiator sees the Amazon founder’s space trip as a symbol of inequality and called it a “slap in the face of the working class”. If billionaires wanted to go into space, then they should stay there.

With the flight into space, Bezos heralds a new chapter in his life, so to speak. Because about two weeks before, on July 5th, exactly 27 years after the founding of Amazon, he gives up the chairmanship. His successor will be Andy Jassy, ​​who previously managed the cloud computing business in the Amazon Web Services division. Bezos wants to stay on the board of directors and be involved in major decisions there, but it will be a turning point for the company if he now withdraws a little. Bezos is the architect of one of the most successful technology groups in recent decades. But as little as his entrepreneurial performance is in question: Bezos is a controversial figure and leaves behind an ambivalent legacy.