Kühnert calls for the collectivization of large companies

Juso boss Kevin Kühnert is pushing forward with radical ideas: He wants to convert large companies into joint ownership. And everyone should “have at most the living space in which they live”.

Juso boss Kevin Kühnert describes himself as a

IKevin Kühnert really cannot be blamed for deen poverty. With his very left-wing positions, the Juso boss regularly causes disputes inside and outside his party. He became known to the general public when he shot against the SPD leadership for weeks after the federal election and demanded that they just not join a grand coalition with the Union as a junior partner. To the annoyance of the party leadership, he left no stage untreated, no talk show canceled, no microphone ignored.

Now a new, radical venture from him is causing a stir: In the “Zeit”, Kühnert calls for the communalization of large companies. When asked: “So you don’t want companies like BMW to be nationalized, but rather a collectivization?” The 29-year-old replies: “In a democratic way, yes.” He says, “It is less important whether in the end on the BMW doorbell it is state Automobile company ‘stands or’ cooperative automobile company ‘, or whether the collective decides, BMW no longer needs it in this form ”. In any case, the distribution of profits must be democratically controlled. Kühnert literally: “That excludes the fact that there is a capitalist owner of this company.” Because why should “the tens of thousands who create the value be fobbed off with a wage bill negotiated out of dependency?”

Kühnert justifies his approach, among other things, with the fact that everything that determines people’s lives should be in the hands of society. And he is bothered by the fact that there are people “who own large real estate, large blocks of shares or fund shares. They don’t have to be productive themselves, but can let their capital work for them ”. The particularly unfair thing about this is that only very few have access to these very large assets and freedoms, because “access to assets is in fact not given for most of them”. He also finds it “ridiculous when someone stands on stage as a successful entrepreneur and says: ‘Great, everyone can do it’”, because not everyone could do it at the same time.

“Renting is not a legitimate business model”

In the “optimal case”, private rentals should also no longer exist. They contradict his socialist economic model. Kühnert does not think that it is a legitimate business model to make a living with other people’s living space, he says. “Consistently thought through to the end, everyone should have as much as the living space in which they live themselves”.

However, the Juso boss clearly distances himself from previous forms of state socialism such as in the GDR. In such models there was mostly a “blatant lack of democratic participation”. But socialism is “not an authoritarian concept”.

Kühnert made a personal promise for himself in the interview: Should he ever inherit one million euros, he would certainly not buy a condominium, but “donate a considerable part of it”, he assures. The assertion that he has “never thought about such a high inheritance” suggests that he will probably never have to keep his promise. Most of the time you have a rough idea of ​​the circumstances in which your parents live.