Nurses? We have enough!

Self-critical tones from the care: She wants to get rid of her bad reputation. In fact, there are some positive things to say – about old people’s homes, for example, where staff concerns are alien.

Geriatric nurse in training

EThere are still elderly care institutions that have no difficulty in finding staff. For example, the St. Gereon senior services from Hückelhoven-Brachelen, a small town in a rural area near Aachen, with its four retirement homes, an outpatient care service and various day care offers. A good 240 young people are currently training them to become nurses, around 80 are finished every year, a lot more than they can take on – and all of this without advertising, as deputy managing director Gerd Palm explains. He says: “In the next ten years I will have no personnel problems.”

A sentence that makes you suspicious, after all, there is now desperate need for staff in the care sector, especially in the elderly. It has just been announced that a nursing home run by the workers’ welfare organization in Hamburg has to close because it cannot find enough skilled nurses. In its “Concerted Care Action” together with representatives of 50 interest groups, the federal government has collected ideas on how care can be made more attractive again, and has already decided on an immediate program with which 13,000 additional jobs are to be financed.