Rich children receive three times more money than poor ones

Explosive figures from the Federal Statistical Office show that rich parents spend three times as much money on their children as poor ones. The differences in health care and education are particularly blatant.

Limited options: poor children receive 28 euros a month for their education, while rich children receive 83,

In the height of the federal election campaign, a new study by the Federal Statistical Office provides political explosives. The survey “Consumer spending by families for children”, which is available to the FAZ, lists exactly how much money parents in Germany spend on their offspring. The sums are high – and the differences between the income classes are considerable. The study thus highlights the causes and effects of material inequality that the parties want to combat.

According to statisticians, couples spend an average of € 763 a month on an only child. Two children cost 1276 euros, three children a proud 1770 euros. As the number of children increases, the costs also increase in relative terms: an only child consumes 21 percent of all consumer spending of the couple. Two children make up exactly one third of the money, for three children a couple has to scrap an average of 41 percent of their total expenses. The high costs make it clear why in scientific studies the fact “at least three children” is listed as a possible cause of economic poverty – just like illnesses and a missing professional qualification.