The outrageous thing about the basic pension

With its basic pension proposal, the SPD exploits the solidarity of the contributors. The Union must not get involved: it should insist on means testing – and if necessary accept breaking the coalition.

Growing old together and having a carefree retirement: this dream is denied to some pensioners because there is not enough money.

DThe SPD is sticking with it: With its basic pension, it wants to better position three million pensioners and not just a few hundred thousand, as agreed with the Union. To do this, the social democrats must on the one hand overcome the limits of the statutory pension system to social welfare – and thus intervene deeply in the systematics of the German social system. On the other hand, they have to raise at least 5 billion euros a year without the outcry from the payers being too great.

The SPD is therefore unceremoniously (albeit with an argument that can be discussed under different circumstances) in the currently well-stocked unemployment insurance fund. And it increases taxes where it seems to be favorable from an election point of view. The tax on financial transactions, which has been discussed for ages, is intended to bring part of the new pension subsidy – a delicate undertaking that has so far failed politically for good reason. She wants to find the rest by canceling a controversial tax advantage in the hotel industry. It was enforced ten years ago by the CSU and FDP, so the SPD is also snubbering its coalition partner here.