Unemployment goes down and down – and down

Spring is also noticeable on the labor market in April: Rising temperatures are causing an upturn, especially in the external professions.

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Dhe number of unemployed fell to 2.229 million in April. That is the lowest value for this month since the reunification. The unemployment rate fell by 0.2 percentage points to 4.9 percent.

Compared to March, the number of job seekers decreased by 72,000, as the Federal Employment Agency (BA) announced on Tuesday in Nuremberg. In April 2018 there were 155,000 more unemployed. “Employment subject to social security is increasing, and the demand from companies for new employees is at a very high level,” said Detlef Scheele, head of the authorities.

The number of job seekers, adjusted for seasonal influences, fell to 2.220 million. According to this, around 12,000 fewer men and women were recently unemployed than in March – 7,000 fewer in the west and 5,000 fewer in the east.

Underemployment, which also includes people who are currently taking part in further training, for example, was 3.198 million. Seasonally adjusted, it rose by 5,000 compared to the previous month. In comparison with the previous year, the number fell by 154,000. At the same time, 796,000 vacancies were registered with the Federal Agency – 11,000 more than a year ago.

According to current data from the Federal Statistical Office, the number of people in employment was 44.94 million in March – that was an increase of 33,000 compared to the previous month, compared to the previous year there were 491,000 more people in employment.

According to the BA, the increase is largely due to more employees subject to social security contributions. According to projections by the Federal Agency, their number increased by a seasonally adjusted 48,000 from January to February. This means that 33.22 million people in Germany last had a regular job – 671,000 more than a year earlier.