“What did he smoke?”

Make BMW a cooperative? Restrict private rental? With theses from the socialism department, Juso boss Kevin Kühnert draws fierce criticism – also from within the party. He defends himself with a reference to the SPD basic program.

Kevin Kühnert has been severely criticized for his statements about the collectivization of large companies.

Dhe Juso chairman Kevin Kühnert has received heavy criticism for his theses on socialism. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) told the “Bild” newspaper: “Fortunately, we have overcome socialism, in which everyone was equal but everyone was equally poor. The demand to collectivize companies like BMW shows the backward-looking and eccentric retro worldview of a lost fantasist. I can’t take any of that seriously. “

Kühnert said in an interview with “Zeit” that he would like to collectivize large companies. He wanted to achieve a collectivization of companies like BMW “in a democratic way”. Without collectivization “an overcoming of capitalism is unthinkable”. Using the example of the car manufacturer, he continued: “It is less important to me whether the BMW doorbell says ‘state automobile company’ or ‘cooperative automobile company’ or whether the collective decides that BMW is no longer needed in this form.” It is crucial that the distribution of profits is democratically controlled. “That excludes that there is a capitalist owner of this company.”

Against landlords

In addition, Kühnert wants to limit the ownership of real estate in Germany. “I don’t think it’s a legitimate business model to make a living from other people’s homes,” he said. “Consistently thought through to the end, everyone should have at most the living space in which they live.” Cooperative solutions are even better, in the ideal case there would be no more private rentals at all, said the chairman of the SPD youth organization.

FDP general secretary Linda Teuteberg said according to the “Bild” newspaper: “The SPD urgently needs to clarify its relationship to property and Mr. Kühnert read the Godesberg program instead of Karl Marx. We Free Democrats will defend the social market economy against such socialist excesses. “

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak was also “stunned” by Kühnert’s advance. “Kevin Kühnert has left the soil of the Basic Law,” he tells the “Rheinische Post”. Ziemiak’s party friend and CDU vice-president Thomas Strobl said on the subject: “30 years after the fall of the GDR, the left want democratic socialism again”. First, Greens leader Habeck spoke of expropriations, “now these voices are also coming from the SPD and from the communist left anyway”.

But not all of the Greens are enthusiastic about Kühnert’s demands. Their parliamentary group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt said in an interview with “Spiegel-Online” that collectivization or nationalization of the auto industry would not solve any problems. “That is at least what the SPD should have learned from its decades of engagement with VW.”

“What gross nonsense?”

CSU General Secretary Markus Blume had also sharply criticized the Juso boss. “Kühnert should join the Left Party. With such people, no state can be made and a government cannot function, ”he explained to the German Press Agency. The “system-changing fantasies of socialism” of the Juso chairman are a serious relapse of the SPD in times of class struggle. “The SPD leadership has to distance itself clearly from such fantasies.” With such advances the SPD makes itself ridiculous and at the same time unsettles those who wanted to create living space.

The chairman of the Jusos received support only from the left. In an interview with the AFP news agency, Bernd Riexinger attested to Kühnert that he had formulated “things of course”. Democracy should not end at the factory gate. “That it causes such an outcry says something about the state of mind of the political establishment.”

There was also clear criticism from Kühnert’s own party, the SPD. “What gross nonsense. What did he smoke? It couldn’t have been legal, ”tweeted Johannes Kahrs, spokesman for the conservative Seeheimer Kreis of the SPD. Michael Frenzel, President of the SPD Economic Forum, even called for a party expulsion procedure against Kühnert in the “Handelsblatt”. His demand was “a great idea to move the SPD closer to the old SED and to further alienate us from the center.”

Kühnert countered the critics on Twitter with a reference to the current basic program of the SPD from 2007, which says: “For us, democratic socialism remains the vision of a free, just and solidary society, the realization of which is an ongoing task for us . “He added:” Incidentally, the basic program does not relate to BMW. “

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