Samsung unveils all-new OLED display designed for 5G smartphones

Samsung Display has launched an optimised OLED display for 5G smartphones. The company claims that this display offers lower blue light emission and lesser power consumption.

The South Korean firm has got the display certified from Swiss inspection and testing services provider, SGS. The objective of this display is to save the strain on eyes and ensure that it consumes less power. In the tests conducted by SGS, it found that Samsung’s new OLED Display emits 6.5% blue light. The display released in 2019 had 7.5% blue light emission.

Jee-ho Back, Vice President of mobile display strategic marketing team at Samsung Display said, “5G is expanding into a rapidly commercialised ecosystem where consumers can be connected to 8K as well as 4K streaming services, cloud-based gaming content and infotainment networks, increasing mobile device usage everywhere. Our 5G-optimized OLED display is taking the lead in the 5G era with its crystal clear imagery, distinguished designs, economical power consumption and increasingly eye-protective functionality.”

The power consumption has dropped by 15% with this display. The average power consumption of newly released Samsung Display OLED panels has dropped from 1.5W to 1.3W, amounting 15% of overall decrease.

The display technology is based on Samsung’s 10 years fo research and experience. The company has used highly efficient organic material that emits more light with the same amount of energy or less. Recent forecasts show that 5G smartphones in the global market will increase from 14% to 50% by 2024.