Signal vs WhatsApp vs Telegram – A dive into the privacy of social messaging apps

For over a decade, Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has ruled the market as a top social messaging application. However, for a few months now, it has been under the radar because of its privacy policy controversies that are making users switch from WhatsApp to other apps. Due to this criticism, WhatsApp has postponed the new privacy terms till May 2021.

In the present time, users are much more aware of the data security and how essential it is to take the necessary steps to safeguard it. Hence, the controversy has created an uproar in the market making users switch to platforms like Signal and Telegram.

However, it is essential to know the privacy and data policy of the applications to make an informed decision.

WhatsApp is the platform that uses end-to-end encryption protocol for group and personal chats. Here are the anomalies of WhatApps chat:

  • WhatsApp chats appeared on Google Search allowing people to join it and check participants.
  • For a business account, the users’ information is visible to others (third-party services like Facebook) for future marketing.

The application doesn’t use any end-to-end encryption but uses the local cloud to save the conversations from users allowing them to read the chats. There is an option for Secret Chats that one can enable for end-to-end conversations using MTProto protocol. The major anomalies of this application are;

  • There is no end-to-end encryption support for desktop clients other than MacOS.
  • The secret chat of the Telegram is encrypted but not the group chats that are still unsafe.

This application uses the end-to-end encryption open-source protocols for all the chats. There are no anomalies of this application as of now that is out in the market. It is a fairly new app for the market and hence in the coming time, we may know more about its privacy policies.