Sir Tim-Berners Lee pens down the importance of Internet on 32nd birthday of Web

Sir Tim Berners Lee, famous as the inventor of the World Wide Web who introduced us to the whole new world, believes that every single person has the basic right of using the internet.

Amid the pandemic, the Internet has come up as a life-saviour for companies that can streamline businesses and make communication easier. This made it easy for businesses to easily work amid the pandemic and world crisis. The Internet is now available across the world for users. He also demonstrated the potential of the Internet and how young people are taking leverage of the platform.

He also mentioned that around a third of the young population has no access to the internet that is keeping them away from ideas and talent. Every young person needs to embrace new ideas and innovations that can be achieved with the help of the internet that must be available for everyone. It is a basic right for humans to have an internet connection and help them shape the world for the better.