Social media firms need to bring about transparency: Ajit Pai

US Federal Communications Commission’s chairman Ajit Pai said social media giants including Facebook, Twitter and Google need to bring about more transparency to their users.

Addressing the second edition of the India Mobile Congress on Thursday, Pai said “upfront transparency” on part of social media companies would enable the users to make “better-informed decisions”. “There actually might be a conversation about what types of regulation should be applied on these platforms,” Pai said, referring to the social media giants.

Giving instances Pai, who took over the reins of the communications’ regulator in the US in 2017, said, “For example, what types of algorithms are they using to determine what content is seen and what content is not seen when somebody does a Google search”. Regarding Facebook, he noted that the users must know how the social media platform compiles its newsfeed.

Citing the micro blogging platform Twitter, Pai said when the company decides to delete an account or to not delete one, users must know the “rules behind that”.

Pai’s comments come at a time when these companies are globally facing scrutiny from regulators and governments, including in India.

(This story has been sourced from a syndicated feed and was originally published on The Economic Times.)