SpaceX rockets 60 satellites into orbit under Starlink initiative to effectively provide internet access across the world

From NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has launched with another 60 Starlink satellites. SpaceX describes a two-stage rocket as the “first orbital-class rocket” making frequent trips to the low orbit shuttling Starlink satellites.

Musk commented that the goal is to offer broadband internet services to customers at low latency.

SpaceX tweeted and celebrated the first stage land of Falcon 9 with a drone ship that completed the ninth flight. This set of deployment will be added to the Starlink satellites that were launched. The giant has launched around 1,000 satellites that will be included in the target of 40,000. It is said to be five times the satellite numbers that humans have ever witnessed.

The motive of the Starlink initiative is to offer internet access with the mega-constellation of satellites. These satellites are in low Earth orbit from where the small and large metropolitan can benefit from high-speed connectivity. This will create a huge problem since the internet will be available for public utility.

In February, the company announced that they have 10,000 customers already which is proof that the technology is not just theoretical and experimental. The customers are now accepting affordable and feasible technology.