SpaceX to launch a space-based internet service via Starlink

Elon Musk’s space research company, SpaceX is ready to launch 60 satellites with a single launch. Today’s launch will deliver space-based internet coverage to the world. SpaceX Starlink is an ambitious project to offer internet services in space.

SpaceX’s project is designed to bridge the digital divide by putting a vast network of small satellites in low-Earth orbit (LEO). This will help in beaming connectivity to any place on planet Earth. The project aims to create a constellation of 12,000 satellites. Two thirds of these satellites will orbit 500 km up and rest about 1,200 km up in LEO. These satellites will delivery Ku/Ka-band broadband internet at 40x faster speed than any existing internet service.

This launch will consist of 60 Starlink satellites, which are in experimental stage. A tweet by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reads,

The next batch will demonstrate the overall deployment scheme and help in putting the network together. The launch is scheduled at 10:30 PM EST on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. According to the IST, the launch will happen at 8:00 am on Thursday, May 16th. You can watch the live webcast of the launch on the SpaceX website.