Spyware alert! 23 apps found spying on Android users via mobile camera

PhoneSpy, a malware that spies on Android users was recently found in 23 apps. None of these apps are available on Google Pay as of now. This malware has predominantly been active in UK and Korea.

This malware is capable of stealing crucial data such as images, call logs, contact and messages, get the complete list of installed apps, record audio and video in real time using cameras and microphone on the phone, extract device information like IMEI number, device name and brand, and can even grant remote access to the device.

“The application is capable of uninstalling any user-installed applications, including mobile security apps. The device’s precise location is available in real-time to the malicious actors, all without the victim knowing. The spyware also enables the threat actor to use phishing pages for harvesting credentials of Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Kakao Talk,” Zimperium said in a statement.

“PhoneSpy hides in plain sight, disguising itself as a regular application with purposes ranging from learning Yoga to watching TV and videos, or browsing photos,” the mobile security agency Zimperium added.

Never download applications on their phones from untrusted sources. Never click on links, or download attachments sent with suspicious emails and messages.