Summon your Assistant without saying ‘Hey Google’

Google is reportedly working on a new feature called ‘Quick phrases’ for the Google Assistant that could allow you to skip the “Hey, Google” wake phrase. You can directly say “What time is it?” or “Set the alarm” to get your job done. However, this feature has not been officially announced yet and it is also not clear exactly what devices are going to support these ‘Quick phrases.’

From what is known so far, ‘Quick phrases’ feature will essentially skip the necessity for a wake word to alert Google Assistant (Hey Google or Ok Google) and prepare it to carry out the command. The software lists around 20 commands that will work without a wake word. You will be able to pick top commands from this list based on your preference.

The list includes orders related to setting up and canceling alarms, asking about the time and weather, operating smart lights, controlling music, and communication tools like the phone and message broadcasting.

To keep the quick phrases under your control, Google Assistant will rely on the Voice Match vocal identification tool. Simply put, this means that Google will identify and respond to only your voice. Other users/voices cannot give ‘Quick phrase’ commands to your assistant.

Although Google has not rolled out any official statement yet, there are a lot of concerns among users regarding privacy infringement. The question concerning Google Assistant users is: Will Google Assistant be listening all the time?