Switzerland offers Bug Bounty for hacking its e-voting system

The Switzerland government has offered a bug bounty to hackers or security researchers for reporting vulnerability in its e-voting system. The Swiss government is offering a reward of a whopping €44,000 to anyone who can detect vulnerabilities in its system.

The government is open to work with ethical or white hat hackers that will look for vulnerabilities during a dummy vote running exercise for a period of four weeks. The duration is during the Swiss federation election, running from February 25 to March 24. The organisation behind this Public Intrusion Test (PIT) has aside CHF150,000 (nearly €132,000) to reward the hackers.

The government has planned to offer the reward to hackers that successfully manipulate votes in an undetectable way. Hackers that manage to manipulate votes in a detectable manner will receive a reward of €17,600. The government has also agreed to offer lower amounts of cash to hackers that can flag ways to violate privacy, infiltrate servers or reveal best practices that have not been followed so far.

Switzerland is moving towards expanding the online voting in October of this year. The current law has capped online voting to maximum of 10% of referendums, and 30% for constitutional amendments. The country aims to raise the same to two thirds of the 26 cantons that make up the Swiss Confederation.

So far 2,000 hackers have registered to participate in the program.