Symantec partners with 120 companies to cut cyber security costs for enterprises

Global security solution provider, Symantec has partnered 120 tech companies to reduce the cyber security cost. The California-based company plans to deliver its products and services through its enterprise partners.

Symantec has partnered with top tech companies including Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Security, Oracle, and Microsoft. These partner companies are delivering more than 250 products and services that integrate with Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) platform.

Delivering a cost-effective Unified framework
The new platform will offer a unified framework for information protection, identity management, threat protection, and compliance across endpoints, applications, clouds, and networks.

The traditional way of fighting cyber security using fragment tools is an expensive way for customers. The integrated platforms will help Symantec to reach out to more customers while extending the cost benefits to them.

Industry collaboration

The collaboration with major players including AWS, IBM Security, Box, Oracle, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and Splunk will help Symantec in forging strong partnerships with a large set of enterprise customers. Symantec believes that this will also improve the integrated defence mechanism by increasing the speed and effectiveness.

In the official statement, Symantec said, “This unprecedented industry collaboration reflects a ‘platform shift’ in the cyber security industry, as new research from Enterprise Strategy Group shows enterprise customers are looking to consolidate vendors and adopt more integrated platforms backed by an open ecosystem.”

In a survey conducted by Symantec it came out that nearly 30% of large enterprises use at least 25 different cyber security products. Managing these different tools becomes a costly, time-consuming and often ineffective process. Consolidating the security infrastructure with platforms and open architecture will help in advancing the developer support and delivering a partner ecosystem with robust third-party integrations.

The ICD platform

The company has been advancing its ICD platform since it acquired Blue Coat Systems in 2016. The company’s approach for ICD is unique, it does not impose a central control plane through which all cybersecurity events are managed. Instead, it will share cybersecurity alerts and events across open APIs that are published on the ICD platform.