The favourite programming language of hackers to write malware

Google-owned programming language – Golang – has been in the market for years now and many developers have shown interest in it as well. However, along with developers, hackers are also taking a keen interest in this programming language. Hackers are now using Golang to write malware.

As per the analysis by Intezer cybersecurity company, Golang is becoming extremely popular among hackers as well. It is reported that the hackers are now using Golang to write the codes and its use has increased by almost 2000% as found in the new malware.

If we go by the TIOBE index of 2016, Golang termed as “Programming Language of the Year”. And now the hackers have got a hold of the programming language that is used by non-state sponsored and state-sponsored threat actors.

The analysis also pointed out that the Go Linux malware is mainly used for installing crypto miners or DDoS. Intezer also states that the networking stack of Golang makes it the preferred language when it comes to cloud-native apps.