This Google Assistant bug causes battery drain and exposes to a potential security threat

Android users are constantly troubled with the issue of battery life. If you are an active Google Assistant user, the app could be the reason why your phone’s battery gets drained.

A new bug affecting Google Assistant is causing the serious battery drain issue for Android users. The bug has also affected Google Pixel devices and Google Home products. When you trigger the Assistant by using voice command “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google”, it not only activates the Assistant on one device but also devices in the vicinity. The screens of these devices stay active until they are manually powered off.

The issue is frustrating for people who own multiple Google Assistant devices. Since the voice match on both Google Home speaker and Google Assistant app on smartphone is the same, both the devices get activated with the same voice command. Those with Google Home products installed in their homes need to manually intervene and turn off the displays of their smartphones. Even with the dark mode activated on smartphones, there is a serious battery drain, and potential security risk as it leaves devices unlocked.

The problem was first reported on Google Support forum in September. It seems to be affecting Google Pixel, Google Home and even OnePlus users. On triggering the voice command, the smartphone and Google Home speaker get activated. Some of these smartphones automatically get unlocked bypassing the biometric unlock method. Google is yet to work on the fix for this issue.