Top 5 career options in IT Security domain

We are living in an era where Information Technology is ruling the market with smart appliances and gadgets like refrigerators, printers, coffee makers, and motor vehicles becoming part of our daily life with a steady routine process. However, this has also increased the issues and complexity of cyberattacks.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure that IT Security professionals can thrive in the job market. Here are the top IT security careers that techies can go for.

Usually, companies get in touch with third-party developers to develop an application, procedure software provider, or bespoke solution. There are several large tech firms like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure that offer such services. Hence, comes the role of Application Security Engineer that ensures that all the systems are secure throughout the organizations while maintaining the privacy considerations or compliance to all times.

These engineers are responsible for development, design, and implementation of security solutions gearing up the organization safety against the cyber attacks, hacking attempts, and persistent threats.

The architect works on the designing of computer security for the wide network of organizations. If we work on the clear picture then it includes the information security awareness programs. Conducting risk assessments, response to the security incident, and creation of cybersecurity policies.

The information system security managers protect the confidential information for the organizations, identify the vulnerabilities, mitigate future attacks, bolstering security, and management of the information security department.

The highest level oversight of this executive task is required in the task that safeguards the information of the organization. The motive of the CISO is to ensure that the organization is safe and secure depending on the size of the data and company.