TRAI invites suggestions on encouraging R&D in telecom, broadcasting sectors

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), on Wednesday, invited suggestions from industry, academia and the public on encouraging Research and Development in the telecom and broadcasting sectors. TRAI has sought stakeholder inputs by March 15, on the issue, according to a statement.

TRAI conducted an online brainstorming session on ‘encouraging research and development in telecom and broadcasting sector’ on Wednesday with academia, industry and institutions, it said.

TRAI Chairman P D Vaghela, who chaired the session, highlighted the importance of indigenous R&D in the telecom and broadcasting sectors, which will boost domestic manufacturing, and offset equipment imports in these sectors.

The TRAI chief said that the telecom and broadcasting sectors have great potential and will play an important role in making India a USD 5 trillion economy.

Suggestions received during the deliberation included incentivising R&D efforts in India, the need for a structured approach to creating a conducive environment for R&D focus, and the adoption of indigenous technologies by the industry among others.

To achieve these objectives, a high-level committee comprising senior officials from academia, industry and research institutions, will be set up under the aegis of TRAI.

“…TRAI invites valuable suggestions from various stakeholders…academia, telecom, and broadcasting industry, related research organisations, students, startups and the general public for encouraging R&D in telecom and broadcasting sectors in India,” TRAI said.

Source: PTI