Transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram with these simple steps

WhatsApp has been under wraps for quite sometimes now due to the privacy conditions. Hence, the users are now shifting towards the other applications like Telegram. But what about the backups and the previous chats?

Telegram has rolled out the feature that allows users to transfer the Line and WhatsApp chats to Telegram.

  • Android users can click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner and then export the chat to Telegram.
  • iOS users have to click on group info or contact info on WhatsApp and then click on Export followed by Telegram. This simple step will allow the users to directly swipe into the Telegram with all the backup of the WhatsApp messages.

The messages will include the original timestamp but will be imported to the current day and for all the users. The media and messages will be in the extra space with the clarified space and control cache size. Users can optimize the settings in Data and Storage Usage.

The users can delete the messages if both the participants delete it including calls, groups, and secret chats. The users can also check active voice chats from the Call History page while adjusting the volume as well.