Trojan attacks are emerging as a major threat to businesses

Trojan malware is fast-emerging as a major threat to companies across the world, especially the ones operating in banking and healthcare sectors. The recent figures reported by an American internet security company called Malwarebytes Labs, trojan and backdoor attacks have become the most significant concerns for businesses.

The report by Malwarebytes Labs highlights that the number of trojan attacks have increased by 132% in the last 12 months. It was also revealed that hackers are changing strategy and moving away from the more “in your face” type ransomware attacks to Trojans that run on stealth mode and give hackers a consistent source of income. Trojans sneak in an undetectable manner, mostly as hidden code in pirated software copies or other downloads.

The Emotet trojan started as a banking trojan. It infects computer systems, steals data, monitors network traffic, and spread other malware on the infected computer as well. Emotet can even penetrate a network to send e-mails to contacts stored on the infected machine.

The malware was recently seen combining with other trojans like Trickbot. The combination with Ryuk ransomware helps in gaining access to a network.

TrickBot is a powerful trojan which is adding new capabilities with each passing day. The malware recently got the ability to steal passwords and browser history of victims.

The trojan has overtaken Emotet as the top ranked threat for businesses. While Trickbot has affected North America the most, its surge in activity has pushed the National Cyber Security Center in the UK to issue an advisory warning companies that could be at risk due to Trickbot attack.

The fear of trojans is not a new concept but companies that underestimate cybercriminals would be at a higher risk in the near future.