Trojan Malware, downloaded by 3 Lakh Android users, targeting SBI users

Cybersecurity experts at ThreatFabric have found that a
‘trojan’malware, which steals bank account data, managed to bypass Google Play Store security and has now been downloaded by 3 Lakh Android users.

Trojan malware hides in common apps such as QR code readers, document scanners, fitness monitors, and cryptocurrency trading platforms. Since these are everyday use apps, users do not suspect anything and download them.

  • Two Factor Authenticator
  • Protection Guard
  • QR CreatorScanner
  • Master Scanner Live
  • QR Scanner 2021
  • PDF Document Scanner – Scan to PDF
  • PDF Document Scanner
  • QR Scanner
  • CryptoTracker
  • Gym and Fitness Trainer

Hackers are using four different forms of malware to steal the personal information of users, per the researchers-
Anatsa, Alien, Hydra, and

Each malware remains inactive unless the app carrying it is installed on the app. Right after the installation is complete, the first thing the malware does is bypass the security detections of the Google Play Store. Doing that ensures the app and the malware will carry out their tasks unchecked on the phone.

The researchers have listed all the apps infected by the four malware forms on its blog post, along with their targets, which include banking apps such as YONO Lite by State Bank of India and PayPal.