Twitter failed to comply with new IT rules; loses immunity in India

Twitter Inc, the microblogging and social media networking giant, has lost liability protection against user-generated content in India. The Indian government stated in the court filing that the giant won’t be able to enjoy the liability protection for the user-generated content.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration commented for the first time on this matter stating that the giant has lost the immunity as they have failed to follow the new IT rules. The public spat and dispute have raised concerns that under a more stringent regulatory environment, American firms might face difficulty doing business.

In the High Court in Delhi, the Indian IT ministry stated that Twitter is not complying with the provisions of the IT Act that amounted to a breach that has made Twitter lose immunity over the content as dated July 5.

A Twitter user tried to get a defamatory tweet on the platform but was not able to do so due to the non-compliance of IT rules that led to the filling.

No comments have been made by the company on it.

Indian government introduces new IT rules to regulate the online and social content ensuring the swift removal of posts effective end-May.