Twitter is giving more free data to app developers; here’s why

Twitter, on Monday, shared it plans to expand free access to data for app developers. The microblogging giant says that this will enable software developers to create tools and products that can facilitate more secure online conversations and curate content. Developers will have free access to data for up to 2 million tweets per month via Twitter’s application programming interface (API).

“Twitter has been making growing efforts over the past year to decentralize the company and giving users more control over what content they see in their Twitter feeds. This plan is part of the same effort,” Amir Shevat, Twitter’s head of product for the developer platform said.

“I want everyone to be able to define their tastes and have their own curated content tailored to them. Only if the developers are working on it. You can do this,” he added.

The effort to increase developer access also comes as Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies are facing global scrutiny over how their algorithms surface certain content and their role in allowing misinformation or hate speech to spread.