Twitter rolls out ‘Lights Out’ Dark theme for Android

The microblogging site, Twitter has rolled out a new dark mode theme for Android. The ‘Lights Out’ mode is different than the usual dark theme. It is designed to work for smartphones using OLED display. The mode turns twitter app UI pitch black.

The theme was initially introduced on Twitter’s iOS app in March. Only the alpha version of Twitter app on Android will get this feature. The regular dark theme turns the smartphone display dark blue or grey. The Lights Out mode turns the OLED display into pitch dark colour. The alpha version 8.19.0-alpha.03 for Android gets the update.

There is no information about when this pitch dark mode will be available in the stable public release. For OLEDs, true black helps in switching off the pixels, which in turn lowers the power consumption. The pitch dark mode is also an aesthetically pleasing colours which is light on eyes. The mode also lets users choose the toggle between light and dark mode.

According to Android Police report, the ‘lights out’ mode is dependent on the server-side changes by Twitter. The feature is currently limited to the test group users. Some users outside of the tester group have claimed that they saw new theme options after clearing the app cache.

Twitter is working to bring the new update to Android app soon. It’s not too long before the new theme mode comes to all Android users. The company announced the feature six months ago.