Want to win Rs 72 lakh? Ditch your smartphone for one year

Imagine not using your smartphone for 365 days and as a result winning $100,000 (approx. Rs. 72 lakh) in the process. A company owned by Coca Cola, Vitaminwater is running a contest that can help you win this prize money if you stop using your smartphone for one year.

Every participant will receive a feature phone that will help them in making basic phone calls. They will also be given laptops for work. Vitaminwater will make the participants go through a lie detector test to ensure that they have followed the no-smartphone rule.

The contest allows participants to continue to use laptop, desktop computer and even smart devices powered by Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The only requirement is that they cannot use a smartphone or tablet PC. For communication needs, the company is offering 1996-era flip phones.

The contest is not open for all, the applicants will have to go through a stringent screening process to even enter the contest. You need to submit a Twitter or Instagram post with hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest. You also need to outline what you would do if you couldn’t use a smartphone for a year. The deadline to enter the contest is January 8, 2019.

If you can go a full year without carrying and using your smartphone, Vitaminwater will award you the $100,000 prize money. If you last just six months, you get $10,000 worth cash prize. Natalia Saurez, associate brand manager, Vitaminwater, shares why the company came up with this innovative approach to award someone.

According Pew Research Center report, over 92% of working millennials own a smartphone. The usage of phones is overwhelming among youngsters. These smartphones play an important role in the daily lives of millennials, about 8-10% of them accomplish daily tasks such as managing their finance, pay bills, shopping online, and listening to online content using smartphones. Users between the ages of 18 to 34 spend 2.5 hours each day consuming entertaining content on their phones. Will any millennial win this contest against all odds? Let time be the judge.