Ways to find the lost Android phone and remove the data easily

We might forget our phone or even lose it easily. We can’t always keep it safe and secure which ends up with misplacing the phone. In such a case, it is extremely difficult to get the exact location of the phone that makes it even difficult for the users.

With the Find My Phone feature on the Android phone, this issue can be easily solved. The application is paired up with the smartwatch through which one can pick the location of the phone easily. It will also help in finding the phone, locking it, and erasing the data.

Just make sure to log in to the phone using the Google account that can be accessed from the laptop. Also, the location on the Android phone must be on to make it easier for the users to track it.

Here are the major steps that one need to take to keep Android phone data safe and secure in case it is lost.

  1. Open the website – android.com/find and log in using the Google account that is logged into the phone. If the same account is logged in a different account then make sure to choose the device that you have to search.
  2. Google will fetch the approximate location of the device or the last known location if the device is switched off.
  3. The users can easily find the device in case it is in a nearby location. Whereas if it shows an unknown area that is hard to recover then delete the data from the phone using IMEI code.
  4. Select the Secure Device option and then lock the phone that will display the message and phone number that users can use to discover the phone.
  5. Users can choose Erase Device that will delete all the data from the phone in case it is difficult to find the device. This will ensure that data is safe and secure, preventing any miscreants.