WhatsApp Messenger beta for iOS; what’s new

WhatsApp was working on some new features for a long time known as multi-device that allow users to log into their account from different accounts. This feature is categorized in two ways-

  • Other devices that allow the connection of a WhatsApp account with four different devices without any requirement of internet connectivity between the main phone and others.
  • Next is WhatsApp web connectivity that allows users to connect on the web using active internet connection.

The beta update for iOS allows users to connect the WhatsApp account with other devices. The new update will include the Log out option that will allow users to unlink their account from other devices easily without deleting it.

This feature will work well for the Business and WhatsApp Messenger account easily for iOS. The feature will soon be rolled out for Android too that will revamp the WhatsApp experience for users with no requirement of internet connection on the main device to use the app on the laptop.