WhatsApp users to get three new features in next version

WhatsApp is planning to introduce three new features in its next version of Android and iOS app. The Facebook-owned platform now wants to enable its users to make the most from a single communication platform.

Account linking

One of the major changes in this update for WhatsApp will be the ability to link the account with external services. The change was first spotted on the WhatsApp Business app. The platform is currently testing the feature with a close group of beta users. The first service listed under the external service is Instagram.

Facebook is trying to create a unified cross-platform experience by interlinking its other services. To link Instagram account, you need to click on link button under ‘Linked Account Setting’ in the Profile Setting section in the app. Once the credentials are validated, WhatsApp will get linked to the user’s Instagram account.

There is no clarity on why the social networking firm wants to link users with the Instagram account. However, the feature will be most useful to recover password and sharing WhatsApp status on Instagram stories.

Vacation mode

The platform wants to promote the idea of striking a work-life balance and digital well-being. Vacation mode in the upcoming WhatsApp version will stop the archived chats to pop up in the active chat list. In the current version, even if you archive a chat, the conversation re-opens when a new message is received.

With the vacation mode on, the archived chat will continue to be hidden unless you reverse the archive and mute settings. The conversation that you don’t want to be part of, but you still cannot exit the group due to some reason, you can then use the vacation mode. You will need to mute the group and archive it. It will no longer appear in your chat list.

Silent mode

The silent mode can help you hide the app badges that appear in the form of notifications. If you have muted a conversation, notifications for same will no longer be shown in the notification bar. The feature is activated by default, there is no toggle button to change the status of this feature.