WhatsApp’s disappearing media feature: all you need to know

WhatsApp had recently introduced the feature of disappearing messages. Now, it has gone one step further with another feature of disappearing media for beta users in which photos, videos, and GIFs disappear after viewing them once. Previously, this feature was available on Instagram. For the time being, only Android users can use this feature by installing the WhatsApp Android version.

This feature will not only work on photos but also videos and GIFs. A photo or video will disappear as soon as the message’s recipient views it and exits the chat. Users can choose a photo from their own gallery. A clock-like icon will appear near the ‘add the caption’ button. You can then send the disappearing photos, videos, or GIFs from there.

A notification will be given to the sender as soon as the recipient opens the photo or video. Once the receiver of the message opens the file, WhatsApp will show a message that says “This Photo is set to view once. For more privacy, this photo will disappear after you close it.

More about the “View once” feature:

  • The media can be shared both in groups and individually. When sending the media in a group, you can see who all have seen the media in the ‘message info’ section.
  • If you have disabled the read receipt, the receiver will still see if you have opened the photo or video set to view once, but you cannot see when the recipient opens yours.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that the receiver may take a screenshot or a photo from another device. WhatsApp does not yet have a screenshot detection feature. So only send media to your trusted sources.
  • As you are all aware, blocked contacts can interact with you in groups, and they can also see the view once media in common groups.
  • If you send the view once media to someone who does not have this feature, this feature will also work and they will only be able to see the media once.

All Android beta users can avail this feature. If you do not have access to this feature, please wait for the next update.