Windows 11 Alpha malware attack tricking people out of financial data

If you are aware of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system but don’t have proper knowledge about it, then it is essential to know what it is all about. The new campaign is rolling in the market as Windows 11 Alpha malware that is saved in a Word document stating that it contains some steps. This step activates the code that allows hackers to steal financial data.

The attack was discovered by Anomali Security researchers while breaking up the technical components. Cybercrime group FIN7 is likely targeting people under the campaign in the form of spearphishing and email phishing.

When a user checks Windows 11 Alpha documents and finds out the step, this makes them perform the steps to check the operating system’s compatibility. This will make users perform the steps as they are now much aware of the process.

The code activates a JavaScript backdoor that allows hackers to get into the system of users. The FIN7 group has managed to get 15 million payment card records.