You can now fix your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus for free

Apple is offering a free service repair program for a selected iPhone models. The repair program covers iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices. These models of iPhones are known to have issue while powering on.

The users of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can contact the Apple Authorised Service Center for the repair. The repair program covers affected iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices for two years after the first retail sale of the phone. The users of both handsets can check if their device is covered under the Service Program by entering the serial number on Apple’s Service Program page.

The official statement reads, “Apple has determined that certain iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices may not power on due to a component that may fail. If you believe your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus was affected by this issue, and you paid to repair your device, you can contact Apple about a refund.”

Apple will not extend the free repair to those iPhones that have any damage which impairs the ability to complete the repair. The company will enforce users to first resolve the issues before carrying out the free repair process.

The devices covered under the repair program – iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus are no longer available for purchase. The flagship products were first launched in 2015. These were the last iPhones to feature a headphone jack. While Apple may seem to be keen on taking the lead role in repair of its flagship products, they are only covered for two years after the first purchase. You can check if your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus is eligible by visiting Apple’s Support Page.