YouTube creators can now use a channel name different from their Google account

YouTube is now allowing content creators to use a different channel name and display picture than their Google account. Earlier any changes made to the YouTube account in terms of name and display picture got automatically reflected on the Google account as well.

With this new announcement YouTube creators who wish to keep only one Google account. Now they are not required to create a new Google account just for the purpose of YouTube’s display picture and name issue.

However, this is just one side of the story as YouTube has announced that creators who have the verification badge will lose the badge if they choose to change the channel name.

Once the badge is lost, the creators will again have to send application for verification badge again after the update. This might be a setback for creators who have a verified badge and want to change the channel name for any reason.

YouTubers who do not have the badge won’t face such issues. YouTube is rolling out the feature as this was the most requested feature by YouTubers.