Zero-day vulnerability alert: Update your Google Chrome right away!

By Parika Kalra

Google Chrome is one of the most used web browsers among computer programmers. It is compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, and other platforms. It is used by over 2 billion people worldwide. Since it is one of the most widely used web browsers, it is also a favourite of hackers.

Google recently reported the discovery of a ‘zero-day’ exploit (CVE-2021-30563) in Chrome. “Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2021-30563 exists in the wild,” Google added. The newly discovered virus is similar to the previous virus discovered as a result of an anonymous tip-off.

Zero-day exploits are security threats that are discovered by hackers or attackers without giving developers time to respond. Developers are unaware of the bug or vulnerability. They don’t have an antidote for this, so the attacker or hacker can easily attack the software.

However, Google has patched the vulnerability, and Chrome users who have not updated their browser are vulnerable to the hackers’ attack. To stay safe, it is strongly advised to update the Chrome browser to version 91.0.4472.164 or higher. Your device and data may be put at risk if you use an outdated version.

Google has not revealed much in order to maintain secrecy so that the public can be safe before any other hacker learns about this vulnerability.

Parika Kalra is an intern with TimesJobs and TechGig.