Deliveroo wants to collect around a billion pounds

The international food delivery service has withdrawn from Germany, but this does not seem to affect its growth. Now the company is giving the first details for its planned IPO in Great Britain.

In the starting blocks: delivery men are waiting for orders in Barcelona.

Dhe online delivery service Deliveroo wants to raise around one billion pounds sterling (1.16 billion euros) through the issue of new shares in its planned IPO in London. In addition, certain old owners would place existing shares, according to the parent company Roofoods in London on Monday.

The company initially did not provide any information on the extent to which shares should be placed in total. Customers in Great Britain should also be given the opportunity to subscribe for shares. The company wants to name details in the prospectus.

According to its own information, Deliveroo has a workforce of around 2,000 and works in twelve markets with over 100,000 independent deliverers. Last year, the order volume processed increased by almost two thirds to 4.1 billion pounds, with the company doing a good half of its business in Great Britain and Ireland.

Day-to-day sales climbed 57.5 percent to £ 1.2 billion. The bottom line is that Deliveroo has made a loss of £ 226 million. The provider withdrew from Germany in autumn 2019.